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Global Water Contexts Faculty Research Forum
"A Vision for the Future of Water Security" Global Water Contexts Faculty Research Forum
Friday, February 08, 2019, 09:00am - 03:00pm
18th Ave Library Research Commons
#340, Colloquia Space
175 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Water Forum

Please register for this event here. We will also provide lunch to those who register.

Join us as we explore the global water issue in connection to water research happening at OSU. The purpose of the forum is to form connections and facilitate multi-disciplinary team projects. We are seeking to build a research community which will draw together multiple perspectives on issues pertaining to water resources, and the role of water in human societies. The forum will familiarize you with current research interests at OSU in departments such as Anthropology, Geodetic Engineering, and many others, and will entail a facilitated discussion session in order to spark projects and identify avenues for support and funding. Please begin considering the following question to spark creative thinking at the forum: What if the Middle East had the capacity to solve the global water crisis?

Forum Agenda:

9:00 Welcome
9:15 Opening remarks by Dean of the Humanities, Dr. Peter Hahn, History
9:30 Keynote: A Vision for Water Security, Dr. Vanesa Rodriguez Osuna
10:00 Q&A with Dr. Rodriguez Osuna
10:30 Break-outs on “What does this vision for water security look like in your area?”
1:00 Lunch – Knowledge Curation and Visualization by OSU Library, Magda El-Sherbini
1:30 Panel on Regional Perspectives (tentative topics*), Discussant, Dr. Alam Payind, Director of the Middle East Studies Center
1:35 The Middle East
1:50 Africa
2:05 South America, Andes
2:20 Q&A
2:45 Wrap-up
3:00 Coffee and networking

We are interested in tapping into local funds of knowledge around the world to provide models and solutions grounded in local culture. You are welcome to share insights from other local contexts, as well. In the past we have looked at local efforts to prevent water resource crisis in the Syria, Turkey border region, as well as Iraq. For more information on our project, Global Water Contexts: Local/Global Dimensions of Water Protection, please check out our web site.


The Forum will open with a keynote by Vanesa Rodríguez Osuna (via Skype), Senior Scientist at CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, and Project Director at sequa gGmbH. She will present a vision for the future of water security that she and her colleagues developed at the request of the UN’s High Level Panel on Water. She will break down some of the key challenges scientists and water management practitioners face if we are to go beyond the grey-green dichotomy of water management. This vision for water security (Vorosmarty et al. 2018) will show how this is necessary if we are to solve the world’s water crisis.

This forum is through the Middle East Studies Center and is sponsored by our partner, the Global Water Institute, and co-sponsors the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, and International Programs in Agriculture. The Middle East Studies Library is our partner in knowledge curation and visualization. We express deep thanks and gratitude to our partners, and to all of you who participate in our programs, for making this forum possible.


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