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John Carlarne

Peace Studies Coordinator
(passed away October 24, 2017)

B.A., Bellarmine University (1988)
M.A., University of Durham, Anthropology (1996)
DPhil, University of Oxford, Anthropology (2009)

John Carlarne is peace studies coordinator at The Ohio State University. He teaches several courses on peace studies through the International Studies program.

Carlarne's research focuses on nonviolence broadly conceived, with particular emphasis on the role of civilian actors in fostering change within unraveled and unraveling states. He is currently interested in the problems associated with building peace and security after nonviolent regime change.

He is currently working with colleagues on the creation of the Peace Education and Training Repository (PETR). This is intended to be a one-stop shop for researchers, practitioners and policy makers interested in the theory and practice of peace and nonviolence training and education.

He is also a member, since 1996, of Peace Brigades International (PBI). He has served in a number of capacities within PBI, and is currently a member of the organization's International Council.

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Mershon Project
Training to Talk Peace: Experimental Analysis of Non-Violent Communication Workshops, with Christopher Gelpi (2014-15)
Peace Education and Training Repository, with Esther Gottlieb (2013-14)
Peacebuilding in a Globalized World: Commemorating the U.N. Agenda for Peace, with Anthony Mughan and Chadwick Alger (2012-13)