Richard HamiltonProfessor Emeritus
Sociology and Political Science
105F Mershon Center
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A.B., Liberal Arts, University of Chicago (1950)
M.A., Sociology, Columbia University (1953)
Ph.D., Sociology, Columbia University (1963)

Richard Hamilton is professor emeritus of sociology and political science at The Ohio State University specializing in political sociology, historical sociology, social theory, and social stratification. Current areas of research interest include political and social change in the United States, Canada, Britain, France, and Germany.

Hamilton is the author of numerous books including Miseducating Americans: Distortions of Historical Understanding (Transction, 2014);  War Planning: 1914, with Holger H. Herwig (Cambridge University Press, 2010); America’s New Empire: The 1890s and Beyond (Transaction Publishers, 2010); President McKinley, War and Empire, Vol. 2: President McKinley and America’s ‘New Empire’ (Transaction Publishers, 2007); President McKinley, War and Empire, Vol. 1: President McKinley and the Coming of War, 1898 (Transaction Publishers, 2006); Decisions for War, 1914-1917, with Holger H. Herwig (Cambridge University Press, 2004); and The Origins of World War I, with Holger H. Herwig (Cambridge University Press, 2003).

Hamilton is a recipient of grants from the National Science Foundation and Social Science Research Council. He won the Distinguished Scholar Award at The Ohio State University in 1993.

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Mershon Projects
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