Principal InvestigatorsDepartmentsProject
Sarah Brooks Department of Political Science Insecure Democracy
John Carlarne and Esther Gottlieb International Studies Program and Office of International Affairs Peace Education Training Repository
Joan Cashin Department of History War Materials: Armies, Civilians, and the Struggle for Resources during the American Civil War
Theodora Dragostinova Department of History Unlikely Encounters in the Cold War: Bulgaria and the Global Order
Richard Gunther, Paul Beck, William "Chip" EvelandErik Nisbet, and William Liddle Department of Political Science and School of Communication Comparative National Elections Project
J. Craig Jenkins, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Geoffrey Parker, Daniel Sui, and Lonnie Thompson Departments of Sociology, History, and Geography; Byrd Polar Reseearch Center; 
School of Earth Sciences; 
Climate, Security, Health, and Resilience
Mitch Lerner Department of History Domestic Politics and the Shaping of American Diplomacy
Gleb Tsipursky Department of History The Soviet Domestic Front of the Cultural Cold War, 1957-70