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Ellen Peters John Casterline

Two Mershon Center faculty affiliates are among five Ohio State University researchers elected this year as Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Fellows are selected by their academic peers. It is considered one of the most prestigious honors given to U.S. scientists.

“These five faculty represent what makes Ohio State a national leader in research that serves Ohio, the nation and the world,” said Morley Stone, senior vice president for research.

New Fellows affiliated with the Mershon Center are:

John Casterline, professor of sociology. For distinguished contributions to the field of social demography, particularly for studies of fertility, family planning and the demographic transition in developing nations in Africa. Casterline is a member of the Mershon Center Oversight Committee.

Ellen Peters, professor of psychology. For contributions to basic research on affect, numeracy, and risky decision-making, and for translational research on communicating health risks and improving medical decisions and policies. Peters co-organized Mershon's 2016 conference on Risk and Security.

Ohio State’s other new Fellows are:

Juan Alfonzo, professor of microbiology. For distinguished contributions to the field of molecular parasitology and RNA biochemistry, using cellular and biochemical approaches to elucidate mechanisms of tRNA editing and modification.

Jennifer Crocker, professor of psychology. For cutting-edge research that continually pushed social psychology forward (from covariation judgments to stereotypes to stigma to self-esteem to compassion) and for extensive professional leadership.

Russel Fazio, professor of psychology. For outstanding research and theorizing about the multiple processes by which attitudes form and then influence attention, categorization, judgment and behavior.

New fellows will be honored at a ceremony at the annual AAAS meeting in Washington, D.C. in February.

With the addition of these new honorees, Ohio State boasts more than 100 AAAS Fellows.

In 2009, former Mershon Center Director Craig Jenkins, Academy Professor of Sociology, was elected to the AAAS for distinguished contributions to understanding social protest, social movements, and nonprofit political advocacy, and early warning of political crises and humanitarian disasters.