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Mershon Center for International Security Studies

Principal InvestigatorsDepartmentsProject
Ed Crenshaw and J. Craig Jenkins Department of Sociology Rentier States and International Terrorism in Ecological Focus
Richard Gunther Department of Political Science Comparative National Elections Project
Carter V. Findley Department of History Turkey: Islam, Nationalism and Modernity
Carole Fink Department of History Ostpolitik and Israel, 1966-74
Richard Hamilton Department of Sociology The Marxist Rhetoric: On the Relationship of Practice and Theory
Fred Hitzhusen Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics Violent Conflict, Environmental Degradation, and Food Security
Amy Horowitz and Tamar Rudavsky Melton Center for Jewish Studies Living Jerusalem: Cultures and Communities in Contention
Ted Hopf Department of Political Science Reconstructing the Cold War
J. Craig Jenkins, et al Department of Sociology World Handbook of Political Indicators IV
John Kagel Department of Economics Issues in Multi-Dimensional Legislative Bargaining: Collective vs. Particularistic Goods
Marcus Kurtz Department of Political Science Public Sector Capacity and Political Stability in Latin America
Edward Malecki Department of Geography Tracking the Rise of China and India
Katherine Meyer and J. Craig Jenkins, et al Department of Sociology Dissent/Repression Nexus in the Middle East
Margaret Newell Department of History Race Frontiers: Indian Slavery in Colonial New England
Kazimierz Slomczynski, et al Department of Sociology Symbolic Opposition to the USA Patriot Act: An Analysis of Local Government Protests
Bruce Weinberg Department of Economics Segregation and Leadership in Groups