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Mershon Center for International Security Studies

Principal InvestigatorsDepartmentsProject
Gregory Caldeira Department of Political Science Change in Personnel and Policy and the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court
Mary Cooper Department of Political Science Political Regimes, Financial Market Institutions and Stability in Asia
Ed Crenshaw and J. Craig Jenkins Department of Sociology If it Bleeds, It Leads: Assessing Media Effects on Transnational Terrorism
Ed Crenshaw and J. Craig Jenkins Department of Sociology The Ecology of Terrorist Organizations
Lesley Ferris Department of Theatre Colonization in Reverse: Diaspora, Diplomacy, and the 'People's Art'
Carole Fink and Ursula Gurney Department of History Mershon Network of International Historians
Richard Gunther Department of Political Science Comparative National Elections Project
David Hoffmann Department of History Cultivating the Masses: Soviet State Intervention in its International Context, 1914-39
Peter Hahn, Mitchell Lerner Department of History Passport: Newsletter of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
John Kagel Department of Economics Issues in Multi-Dimensional Legislative Bargaining: Collective vs. Particularistic Goods
Katherine Meyer and J. Craig Jenkins, et al Department of Sociology Dissent/Repression Nexus in the Middle East
Anthony Mughan Department of Political Science Immigrants, Assimilation, and Cultural Threat: A Political Exploration
Amy Shuman Department of English Political Asylum Policy and International Security
Ahmad Sikanga Department of History Sudanese Perspectives on the Darfur Conflict
Bruce Weinberg Department of Economics The Effect of Group Leaders
Judy Tzu-Chun Wu Department of History Radicals on the Road: Third World Internationalism and American Orientalism during the Viet Nam Era