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Mershon Center for International Security Studies

Principal InvestigatorsDepartmentsProject
John Casterline Director, Initiative in Population Research Inter-relations Between Political and Demographic Change, 1950-2000
Mathew Coleman Department of Geography Sanctuary and the Devolution of Immigration Enforcement after 9/11
Ed Crenshaw Department of Sociology Politics and Primacy: How Dictatorship and Development Set the Stage for Democratization
Danielle Fosler-Lussier School of Music American Musicians in Cold War Cultural Diplomacy
Richard Gunther Department of Political Science Comparative National Elections Project
Richard Hamilton Departments of Sociology and Political Science The Marxist Rhetoric: On the Relationship of Practice and Theory
Barbara Hanawalt King George III Chair in British History Civic Order and Dispute Resolution in 14th- and 15th-Century London
J. Craig Jenkins Department of Sociology The Development of Islamist Insurgency: Egypt, 1986-99
Andy Keeler and Alexander Thompson Glenn School of Public Affairs and Department of Political Science Designing Effective Climate Change Mechanisms for Developing Countries
Ousman Murzik Kobo Department of History Unveiling Modernity: Post-Colonial Islamic Reforms in Ghana and Burkina Faso, 1950-2000
Mark Moritz Department of Anthropology A Comparative Study of Herder-Farmer Conflicts in West Africa
Anthony Mughan Department of Political Science Presidential-Congressional Conflict in Domestic and Foreign Policy Making
Allan Silverman Department of Philosophy Demiurgic Politics: The Republic and The Timaeus
Georges Tamer M.S. Sofia Chair of Arabic Studies The Concept of Time in the Koran
Alexander Thompson Department of Political Science The Performance of International Organizations
Sara Watson Department of Political Science Firms and the Welfare State: A Test of Employer Support for Economic Security