Affiliation with Mershon

Affiliation with Mershon

Mershon Endowed Chairs and Designated Professors are distinguished faculty who hold joint appointments between the Mershon Center and an academic department. 

Mershon Senior Fellows include past Directors and other senior and emeritus faculty who have made notable contributions to Mershon and remain research-active.

Mershon Postdocs are selected in a biennial competition for two-year positions. The next call has a due date of January 15, 2024.

Mershon Research Associates include faculty from any department who have current grants with Mershon, participate in a Mershon project, or have been approved for affiliation.

Mershon Student Affiliates are graduate students from any department who have received a research grant, are funded personnel in a Mershon project, or have been approved for affiliation.

Visiting Scholars: Mershon cannot currently host unattached visiting scholars, funded or not. Ohio State faculty members may, however, apply for a Residency Grant to bring in a visiting scholar or practitioner for a period of collaboration.


Becoming an affiliate

As with any interdisciplinary center, affiliation is all about showing up. Mershon’s success depends on continual refreshment and renewal of our perspectives; we welcome new faces and voices.

Ohio State faculty and graduate students typically become involved with Mershon by attending a cluster of events or being drawn into a research conversation. As these interactions become mutually fruitful, individuals may apply for a grant or participate in a project, becoming formal affiliates. Afterwards, they are invited to retain their affiliation as active contributors to Mershon’s cumulative learning. Active contributors who do not need funding or participate in projects may also be invited to affiliate.

Mershon affiliates collaborate with a wide range of scholars, policymakers, practitioners, institutions, and community groups beyond Ohio State, sometimes sustaining networks and relationships over decades. For the sake of clarity, we do not offer formal affiliation to partners outside of Ohio State.


Affiliate benefits

  • Invitations to private events with visiting scholars and OSU colleagues
  • Opportunities to discuss their research and receive feedback from colleagues in other units
  • Presence on the Mershon website; affiliates may also work with our communications staff to promote their research
  • 1039 Derby may be reserved for research conversations and other small meetings
  • Mershon hosting of external grants may be requested.
  • Institutional membership in various research consortia
  • Research Associates who do not have current Mershon grants or other dedicated sources of Mershon funding may request up to $2000 per year to support Mershon-relevant travel, research, and/or programming activities once their departmental and contractual funding is exhausted
  • Student Associates who are not otherwise currently funded by Mershon may request up to $1000 per year in travel or research funding once their departmental funding is exhausted


Affiliate responsibilities

  • Faculty affiliates are asked to perform service commensurate with their degree of Mershon involvement. For example, the recipient of an individual grant might be asked to serve on one grant review committee and participate as a respondent to a works-in-progress talk.
  • The intellectual mission of Mershon is sustained by the goodwill and mutual attention of colleagues; a reasonable level of presence and active interest is expected of all affiliates. Student affiliates are especially asked to support the activities of other students.
  • Affiliates in good standing will be invited to reconfirm their status at the end of each school year by sending an updated link to their faculty People page and/or personal website. Their page should include a statement about their Mershon affiliation and how their research intersects with security studies.
  • Affiliates are expected to acknowledge Mershon funding, report Mershon-related publications and presentations, and so on.