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The Mershon Center is proud to support "Made by History" which is a groundbreaking partnership between TIME and Made by History, a leading history platform, dedicated to providing rigorous historical analysis of U.S. current events and public debates in a format that resonates with the general public. Launched to expand the content under TIME's history vertical in TIME Ideas, this collaboration has quickly become a vital source for historical insights.

Since its inception in 2014, TIME Ideas has evolved into a trusted outlet for the world's top historians, sharing their expertise with a global audience of 120 million. The partnership with Made by History enhances this offering, delving behind today’s headlines to offer context and clarity through meticulously researched and edited articles. These pieces are crafted by a diverse range of prominent and emerging scholars, ensuring a multifaceted perspective on events shaping our world.

Lily Rothman, TIME’s managing editor and the founding editor of TIME’s history section, emphasizes the importance of a historian's perspective in understanding current events. "To truly grasp what's happening today, it's crucial to know how we arrived here," she states. TIME, with a century-long legacy of journalistic excellence, has always been at the forefront of uncovering the stories behind the news. This partnership with Made by History is a natural progression of this commitment, elevating the level of discourse and analysis.

Made by History's editorial content is unique, being assigned, written, and edited exclusively by professional historians. This team collaborates closely with TIME’s editors, blending academic rigor with TIME’s accessible style. The content spans a wide array of topics, including political, cultural, and legal developments, America’s evolving global role, and other issues vital to those engaged in civic life.

The editorial team at Made by History comprises esteemed scholars and experts, each bringing a unique perspective to the platform. Co-founder and senior editor Brian Rosenwald, senior editors Carly Goodman and Kathryn Cramer Brownell, along with editors Julio Capó Jr., Diana D’Amico Pawlewicz, Stacie Taranto, and Felicia Angeja Viator, form the backbone of this initiative. Their collective expertise ensures that the content not only reflects cutting-edge historical research and analysis but also resonates with a diverse and global audience.

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