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Small Grants

Mershon Center Small Grants
Rolling review by Center leadership  


For a general understanding of Mershon's mission, funding goals, and categories of funding, please review the overview of Mershon funding on our website

Small grant proposals should be no more than one page and should be sent via email attachment to Kyle McCray, Business & Operations Manager at the Mershon Center, at mccray.44@osu.edu; he is also happy to answer questions via email or at 614-292-3810. Proposals will be reviewed by Mershon leadership on a rolling basis; the staff appreciate reasonable lead time. 

Affiliate-only small grants
Individual Mershon affiliates who are not currently funded through Mershon may apply for up to $2000 (faculty) or $1000 (graduate students) to support travel and other research-related, Mershon-relevant expenditures, once their departmental and contractual funding is exhausted.
Affiliate-only small grant form

Affiliate-requested research conversations
Mershon invites its affiliates to make use of 1039 Derby for small meetings relevant to Mershon's mission. We especially encourage work-in-progress and brainstorming conversations, and in some cases can provide refreshments and modest tech support. Ideally such requests will come from more than one affiliate and will enact Mershon's multi-perspectival approach. Non- and not-yet affiliates are of course very welcome as part of the mix.
Affiliate-requested research conversations form

The Mershon Center co-sponsors programming around campus that is relevant to its mission of stimulating new perspectives on international, national, and human security. Co-sponsorship is offered to enhance activities that are hosted and organized by another unit.
Co-sponsorship form

Applications are reviewed by the Mershon leadership team on a rolling basis, but the following deadlines are observed to facilitate calendar coordination: 

  • By July 1, 2023, for Fall 2023 
  • By September 30, 2023, for Spring 2024 

Individual faculty, staff, postdocs, or graduate students may apply on behalf of the hosting unit; funds will be paid to the hosting unit. Requests will be evaluated based on 

  • Relevance to Mershon's mission 
  • The intellectual quality of the proposed activities 
  • The feasibility of the proposed activities 
  • The likelihood that the proposed activities will contribute to further intellectual interactions between Mershon and the hosting unit 
  • The importance of Mershon support in making the activities possible 


  • The host unit will consult with Mershon on scheduling and make a good faith effort to avoid conflicts with Mershon events 
  • The host unit will supply the Mershon Communications Specialist with promotional materials for the event 
  • The host unit will acknowledge Mershon support in event publicity