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Faculty Books

Faculty Books
Author Book Title Publisher Year
Cynthia Burack  How Trump and the Christian Right Saved LGBTI Human Rights: A Religious Freedom Mystery SUNY Press 2022
Ludmila Isurin  Reenacting the Enemy: Collective Memory Construction in Russia and U.S. Media  Oxford University Press 2022
Joseph Stieb The Regime Change Consensus: Iraq in American Politics, 1990-2003 Cambridge University Press 2021
Theodora Dragostinova The Cold War from the Margins: A Small Socialist State on the Global Cultural Scene Cornell University Press 2021
John Mueller The Stupidity of War: American Foreign Policy and the Case for Complacency

Cambridge University Press

Nicholas Breyfogle (edited by Peter Mansoor) Nature at War: American Environments and World War II Cambridge University Press 2020
Benjamin McKean  Disorienting Neoliberalism: Global Justice and the Outer Limit of Freedom Oxford University Press 2020
Mitch Lerner The Cold War at Home and Abroad: Domestic Politics and U.S. Foreign Policy Since 1945 University of Kentucky Press 2018
Braumoeller, Bear F. Only the Dead: The Persistence of War in the Modern Age Oxford University Press 2018
Breyfogle, Nicholas, David Moon, and Alexandra Bekasova Place and Nature: Essays in Russian Environmental History The White Horse Press 2018
Cashin, Joan War Stuff: The Struggle for Human and Environmental Resources in the American Civil War Cambridge University Press 2018
Coleman, Mathew, and J.A. Agnew Handbook on the Geographies of Power Edward Elgar Publishing 2018
Hashamova, Yana Screening Trafficking: Prudent or Perilous Central European University Press 2018
Hesford, Wendy S., Adela C. Licona, and Christa Teston Precarious Rhetorics The Ohio State University Press 2018
Liddle, William R., Saiful Mujani, and Kuskridho Ambardi Piety and Public Opinion: Understanding Islam and Political Behavior Oxford University Press 2018
Liddle, William R., Thomas Pepinsky, and Saiful Mujani Voting Behavior in Indonesia since Democratization: Critical Democrats Cambridge University Press 2018
Shane, Peter M., Harold H. Bruff, Neil J. Kinkopf Separation of Powers Law: Cases and Materials, 4th ed. Carolina Academic Press 2018
Shuman, Amy, and Carol Bohmer Political Asylum Deceptions: The Culture of Suspicion Palgrave Macmillan 2018
Bowen, Rachel The Achilles Heel of Democracy: Judicial Autonomy and the Rule of Law in Central America Cambridge University Press 2017
Cabanes, Bruno Les Américains dans la Grande Guerre [The Great War and the American Experience] Gallimard 2017
Hashamova, Yana, Beth Holmgren, and Mark Lipovetsky Transgressive Women in Modern Russian and East European Cultures Routledge 2017
Kay, Sean Rockin’ the Free World! How the Rock and Roll Revolution Changed America and the World Rowman & Littlefield 2017
Mueller, John, and Mark G. Stewart Are We Safe Enough? Measuring and Assessing Aviation Security Elsevier 2017
Noyes, Dorothy, Regina F. Bendix, and Kilian Bizer Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration: A Guide for the Academy University of Illinois Press 2017
Parker, Geoffrey Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century, Abridged Ed. Yale University Press 2017
Shenkar, Oded, and Simcha Ronen Navigating Global Business: A Cultural Compass Cambridge University Press 2017
Smith, Stephanie The Power and Politics of Art in Postrevolutionary Mexico Penn State University Press 2017
Weiser, Elizabeth Museum Rhetoric: Building Civic Identity in National Spaces University of North Carolina Press 2017
Brown, Philip, and David Wittner Science, Technology and Medicine in the Modern Japanese Empire Routledge 2016
Dragostinova, Theodora, and Yana Hashamova Beyond Mosque, Church, and State: Alternative Narratives of the Nation in the Balkans Central European University Press 2016
Gunther, Richard, Paul Beck, Pedro C. Magalhães, and Alejandro Moreno Voting in Old and New Democracies Routledge 2016
Hahn, Peter Historical Dictionary of U.S.-Middle East Relations, 2nd ed. Routledge 2016
Mansoor, Peter, and Williamson Murray Grand Strategy and Military Alliances, Peter Mansoor and Williamson Murray Cambridge University Press 2016
Mueller, John, and Mark Stewart Chasing Ghosts: The Policing of Terrorism Oxford University Press 2016
Noyes, Dorothy Humble Theory: Folklore's Grasp on Social Life Indiana University Press 2016
Rehm, Philipp Risk Inequality and Welfare States. Social Policy Preferences, Development, and Dynamics Cambridge University Press 2016
Shuman, Amy, and Diane Goldstein The Stigmatized Vernacular: Where Reflexivity Meets Untellability Indiana University Press 2016
Slomczynski, Kazimierz M., Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, and J. Craig Jenkins Democratic Values and Protest Behavior: Harmonization of Data from International Survey Projects IFiS Publishers 2016
Slomczynski, Kazimierz M., and Irina Tomescu-Dubrow Dynamics of Social Structure: Poland’s Transformative Years, 1988-2013 IFiS Publishers 2016
Slomczynski, Kazimierz M., and Ilona Wysmułek Social Inequality and the Life Course: Poland’s Transformative Years, 1988-2013 IFiS Publishers 2016
Tsipursky, Gleb Socialist Fun: Youth, Consumption, and State-Sponsored Popular Culture in the Soviet Union University of Pittsburgh Press 2016
Zhang, Ying Confucian Image Politics: Masculine Morality in Seventeenth-Century China University of Washington Press 2016
Bartley, Tim Looking behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer Indiana University Press 2015
Davis, Thomas The Extinct Scene: Late Modernism and Everyday Life Columbia University Press 2015
Fosler-Lussier, Danielle Music in America's Cold War Diplomacy, Tour Database University of California Press 2015
Kay, Sean Global Security in the Twenty-First Century: The Quest for Power and the Search for Peace, 3rd ed. Rowman & Littlefield 2015
Newell, Margaret Brethren by Nature: New England Indians, Colonists, and the Origins of American Slavery Cornell University Press 2015
Sui, Daniel, Dakota Rudesill, and James Caverlee The Deep Web and the Darknet: A Look Inside the Internet's Massive Black Box Woodrow Wilson International Center 2015
Wendt, Alexander Quantum Mind and Social Science: Unifying Physical and Social Ontology Cambridge University Press 2015
Alger, Chadwick Pioneer in the Study of the Political Process and on NGO Participation in the United Nations Springer Press 2014
Alger, Chadwick The UN System and Cities in Global Governance Springer Press 2014
Alger, Chadwick Peace Research and Peacebuilding Springer Press 2014
Conklin, Alice France and its Empire since 1870, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press 2014
Fink, Carole Cold War: An International History Westview Press 2014
Kalu, Kelechi United States-Africa Security Relations: Terrorism, Regional Security and National Interests Routledge 2014
Kay, Sean America's Search for Security: The Triumph of Idealism and the Return of Realism Rowman and Littlefield 2014
Hamilton, Richard Miseducating Americans: Distortions of Historical Understanding Transaction Publishers 2014
Mansoor, Peter Surge: My Journey with General David Petraeus and the Remaking of the Iraq War Yale University Press 2014
Mueller, John A Dangerous World? Threat Perception and U.S. National Security CATO Institute Press 2014
Mueller, John Terrorism Since 9/11: The American Cases Mershon Center, The Ohio State University 2014
Parker, Geoffrey Imprudent King: A New Life of Philip II Yale University Press 2014
Ross, Andrew A.G. Mixed Emotions: Beyond Fear and Hatred in International Conflict University of Chicago Press 2014
Siegel, Jennifer For Peace and Money: French and British Finance in the Service of Tsars and Commissars Oxford University Press 2014
Wallace, Jeremy Cities and Stability: Urbanization, Redistribution, and Regime Survival in China Oxford University Press 2014
Borland, Katherine International Volunteer Tourism: Critical Reflections on Good Works in Central America Palgrave MacMillan 2013
Conklin, Alice In the Museum of Man: Anthropology, Race, and Empire in France, 1850-1950 Cornell University Press 2013
Kalu, Kelechi, and David Kraybill Territoriality, Citizenship and Peacebuilding: Perspectives on Challenges to Peace in Africa Adonis and Abbey Press 2013
Kurtz, Marcus Social Foundations of Institutional Order: Latin American State Building in Comparative Perspective Cambridge University Press 2013
McMahon, Robert The Cold War in the Third World Oxford University Press 2013
Parker, Geoffrey Global Crisis: War, Climate Change and Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century Yale University Press 2013
Schweller, Randall Maxwell’s Demon and the Golden Apple: Global Discord in the New Millennium Johns Hopkins University Press 2013
Weiser, Elizabeth Women and Rhetoric between the Wars Southern Illinois University Press 2013
Wu, Judy Tzu-Chun Radicals on the Road: Internationalism, Orientalism, and Feminism during the Viet Nam Era Cornell University Press 2013
Barkawi, Tarak Orientalism and War Oxford University Press 2012
Braumoeller, Bear The Great Powers and the International System: Systemic Politics in Empirical Perspective Cambridge University Press 2012
Hopf, Ted Reconstructing the Cold War: The Early Years, 1945-1958 Oxford University Press 2012
Kalu, Kelechi West Africa and the U.S. War on Terror Routledge 2012
Kobo, Ousman Murzik Unveiling Modernity in Twentieth-Century West African Islamic Reforms Brill Publishers 2012
Lerner, Mitchell A Companion Guide to the Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson Wiley-Blackwell 2012
Liddle, William Kuasa Rakyat [People Power] Mizan 2012
Liddle, William Memperbaiki Mutu Demokrasi di Indonesia: Sebuah Perdebatan [Improving the Quality of Democracy in Indonesia: A Debate] Yayasan Wakaf Paramadina 2012
Mansoor, Peter Hybrid Warfare: Fighting Complex Opponents from the Ancient World to the Present Cambridge University Press 2012
McMahon, Robert Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic History Congressional Quarterly Press 2012
Mughan, Anthony An Introduction to Comparative Politics: The State and Its Challenges Cambridge University Press 2012
Shane, Peter Cybersecurity: Shared Risks, Shared Responsibilities Carolina Academic Press 2012
Sui, Daniel Crowdsourcing Geographic Knowledge: Volunteered Geographic Information in Theory and Practice Springer Press 2012
Breyfogle, Nicholas Heretics and Colonizers: Forging Russia's Empire in the South Caucasus Cornell University Press 2011
Dragostinova, Theodora Between Two Motherlands: Nationality and Emigration among the Greeks of Bulgaria, 1900-1949 Cornell University Press 2011
Findley, Carter Twentieth Century World Wadsworth Publishing 2011
Hahn, Peter Missions Accomplished? The United States and Iraq Since World War I Oxford University Press 2011
Hoffmann, David Cultivating the Masses: Modern State Practices and Soviet Socialism, 1914-1939 Cornell University Press 2011
Kay, Sean Global Security in the Twenty-first Century: The Quest for Power and the Search for Peace Rowman and Littlefield 2011
Mueller, John War and Ideas: Selected Essays Routledge 2011
Mueller, John Terror, Security, and Money: Balancing the Risks, Benefits, and Costs of Homeland Security Oxford University Press 2011
Nooruddin, Irfan Coalition Politics and Economic Development: Credibiltiy and the Strength of Weak Governments Cambridge University Press 2011
Shane, Peter Information Stories: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age Digital Union, The Ohio State University 2011
Shane, Peter Connecting Democracy: Online Consultation and the Future of Democratic Discourse MIT Press 2011
Findley, Carter V. Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity: A History, 1789-2007 Yale University Press 2010
Hamilton, Richard America's New Empire: The 1890s and Beyond Transaction Publishers 2010
Hamilton, Richard War Planning: 1914 Cambridge University Press 2010
Hashamova, Yana Cinepaternity: Fathers and Sons in Soviet and Post-Soviet Film Indiana University Press 2010
Horowitz, Amy Mediterranean Israeli Music and the Politics of the Aesthetic Wayne State University Press 2010
Jenkins, J. Craig Handbook of Politics: State and Society in Global Perspective Springer 2010
Millett, Allan R. The War for Korea, 1950-51: They Came from the North University Press of Kansas 2010
Noyes, Dorothy Culture Archives and the State: Between Nationalism, Socialism, and the Global Market Mershon Center, The Ohio State University 2010
Osgood, Kenneth The United States and Public Diplomacy: New Directions in Cultural and International History Brill Publishers 2010
Weisberg, Herbert Controversies in Voting Behavior Congressional Quarterly Press 2010
Wendt, Alexander New Systems Theories of World Politics Palgrave Macmillan 2010
Brooks, Sarah Social Protection and the Market: The Transformation of Social Security Institutions in Latin America Cambridge University Press 2009
Caldeira, Gregory Citizens, Courts, and Confirmations: Positivity Theory and the Judgments of the American People Princeton University Press 2009
Fink, Carole Ostpolitik, 1969-1974: European and Global Responses Cambridge University Press 2008
Mansoor, Peter Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade Commander's War in Iraq Yale University Press 2009
Mueller, John Atomic Obsession: Nuclear Alarmism from Hiroshima to Al-Qaeda Oxford University Press 2009
Nexon, Daniel The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe: Religious Conflict, Dynastic Empires, and International Change Princeton University Press 2009
Shane, Peter Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age Aspen Institute 2009
Shane, Peter Madison's Nightmare: How Executive Power Threatens American Democracy University of Chicago Press 2009
Thompson, Alexander Channels of Power: The U.N. Security Council and U.S. Statecraft in Iraq Cornell University Press 2009
Gunther, Richard The Politics of Spain Cambridge University Press 2008
Hopf, Ted Russia's European Choice Palgrave Macmillan 2008
Logevall, Frederick Nixon in the World: American Foreign Relations, 1969-1977 Oxford University Press 2008
McMahon, Robert Dean Acheson and the Creation of an American World Order Potomac Books 2008
Shuman, Amy Rejecting Refugees: Political Asylum in the 21st Century Routledge 2008
Weisberg, Herbert The American Voter Revisited University of Michigan 2008
Gunther, Richard Democracy, Intermediation, and Voting on Four Continents Oxford University Press 2007
Gunther, Richard Democracy and the State in the New Southern Europe Oxford University Press 2007
Hamilton, Richard President McKinley, War and Empire, Vol. 2: President McKinley and America's 'New Empire' Transaction Publishers 2007
Jenkins, J. Craig Identity Conflicts: Can Violence be Regulated? Transaction Publishers 2007
Kwan, Mei-Po Geographies of Muslim Identities: Diaspora, Gender and Belonging Ashgate Publishing 2007
McMahon, Robert Major Problems in the History of the Vietnam War Houghton Mifflin 2007
Paxton, Pamela Women, Politics, and Power: A Global Perspective Sage Publications 2007
Alger, Chadwick The United Nations System: A Reference Handbook ABC-CLIO 2006
Fink, Carole 1956: European and Global Perspectives Leipziger Universitatsverlag 2006
Hamilton, Richard President McKinley, War and Empire, Vol. 1: President McKinley and the Coming of War, 1898 Transaction Publishers 2006
Mueller, John Overblown: How Politicians and the Terrorism Industry Inflate National Security Threats, and Why We Believe Them Free Press 2006
Parker, Geoffrey Unmaking the West: 'What If?' Scenarios That Rewrite World History University of Michigan Press 2006
Schweller, Randall Unanswered Threats: Political Constraints on the Balance of Power Princeton Universtiy Press 2006
Sikainga, Ahmad Postconflict Reconstruction in Africa Africa World Press 2006
Stephan, Alexander The Americanization of Europe: Culture, Diplomacy, and Anti-Americanism after 1945 Berghahn Books 2006