Centering the Global Periphery

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Centering the Global Periphery

Theodora Dragostinova (History)
Eric Schoon (Sociology)

This thematic area prioritizes perspectives from allegedly peripheral state and non-state actors to foreground marginalized voices on the global security order. The initial focus of the cluster engages two topics: 1) populism, polarization, and democratic challenges; and 2) legacies of empire. Exploring political crises, violence against states and individuals, environmental challenges, migration dynamics, and polarized responses to current social issues and historical legacies, we center peripheral perspectives and their cutting-edge research interpretations.

Activities include working group meetings, a speaker series, graduate student opportunities, and a culminating symposium during 2023–2024. 

Autumn 2022 

Thursday, October 20 at 3:45pm (Derby 1039)
Zophia Edwards, Johns Hopkins University | Professor Edwards’ research examines the impacts of colonialism and multiracial labor movements on state institutions and ideas of development in resource-rich countries in the Global South, focusing on Trinidad and Tobago.

Monday, November 7, at 2pm (Derby 1039)
Working group meeting: Roundtable “What is the Global Periphery?” | Moderated roundtable discussion of Ohio State faculty from different disciplines on what it means to work on and conceptualize the global periphery.

Thursday, November 3, at 3:45pm (Derby 1039)
Serhun Al, Izmir University of Economics | “The International Origins of Turkish Authoritarianism.

Discussant: Yigit Akin, Ohio State

Monday, November 14, at 2pm - 3:30pm (Derby 1039)
Manuela Boatça, Freiburg University, Germany | Talk on coloniality and the idea of Europe at the Mershon Center; “Unequal Europes: Coloniality, Interimperiality and Otherness”.

Discussant: Sunnie Rucker-Chang, Ohio State

Tuesday, November 15, at 12:30pm - 2pm (Derby 1039)
Graduate Student Luncheon with Manuela Boatça, Freiburg University, Germany | Lunch discussion with graduate students on “Creolizing Knowledge: The East of some Europe, the Latinity of one America” (cosponsored with the Center for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies) 

Monday, November 28, at 2pm
Working group meeting