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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Level Year
Water Diplomacy in the Age of Climate Change: Transboundry Indus Basin Water Conflict between Pakistan and India in the Context of Cryo-Hydro-Climatic Changes Environmental Sciences, Geography, History Nicholas Breyfogle, Bryan Mark, Fazlul Haq Faculty 2023-24
Drug Trafficking and Socio-Economical Transformation in Central America: Writing and Editing Geography Kendra McSweeney 2018-2019
Managing Conflict: An Ethnography of the U.S. National Security State in Palestine Geography Lisa Bhungalia 2015-2016
Tracking the Rise of China and India Geography Edward Malecki 2006-2007
Sanctuary and the Devolution of Immigration Enforcement after 9/11 Geography Matthew Coleman 2008-2009
The Coming Storms: Resilience to Climate Change, Political Stress, and Economic Shock in Eastern Honduras Geography Kendra McSweeney 2011-2012