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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Level Year
A Composite Spatial Dataset of Historical Political Entities Political Science Daniel Smith Graduate 2023-24
An Examination of the Experiences and Impacts of African American Soldiers and Medical Professionals with American Healthcare 1914-1948 History Paul McAllister Graduate 2023-24
Beirut in the Crosshairs: U.S.-Israel Diplomacy and the Lebanon Conflict, 1977-1985 History Edward Kunz Graduate 2023-24
Choreographing Collaboration: Congolese Performance and Kinopolitics of Cultural Exchange History Emily Hardick Graduate 2023-24
Citizenship Determination and Social Identity Political Science Karis Neufeld Graduate 2023-24
Culture in the Tacit Social Construct of Labor: Persistence of the “Inefficient” Art of Dance in Workplaces of China’s Railway Industry Through Changing Socio-Economic Systems, 1949-Present Dance Studies Alissa Elegant Graduate 2023-24
In the Shadow of Great Powers: Representation of the Colossal Others and Its Constraints on Weaker Power’s Foreign Policy Choices Political Science Liuya Zhang Graduate 2023-24
Mothering in War: Wartime Pregnancies, Childbirths, and Raising Children During World War I in France and Australia History Katherine Weiss Graduate 2023-24
Nuclear Politics in the Age of Decolonization: French Nuclear Test in the Sahara, African Peace Mobilization, and the Advent of the Global Nuclear Order History Leyla Tiglay Graduate 2023-24
Red Tape and Red Cockaded Woodpeckers: Endangered Species Act Implementation on Department of Defense Lands Environmental Sciences Emily Rabung Graduate 2023-24
Security, Humanitarianism, and the Colonial Foundations of the Global Health Order Political Science Dominic Pfister Graduate 2023-24
Transforming Landscape: Picturing the New Look of Mountains and Streams in Mao’s China Art History Yifan Li Graduate 2023-24
Conflict and Diamonds: Examining Violent Mining in South Africa Political Science Cameron Macaskill Graduate 2022-23
An Open Secret: Dnipropetrovsk and the Constitution of Center - Regime Relations in Ukraine, 1987-1997 History Shawn Conroy Graduate 2022-23
Civil Society and Peacebuilding in Nigeria Political Science Ra'phael Davis Graduate 2022-23
Effects of Infant Growth Perception on Maternal Complementary Feeding Decisions in a Context of Food Insecurity in the Urban Amazon Anthropology Stephanie Fannin Graduate 2022-23
Sounding Like Refugees: Cultural Diplomacy and Syrian Refugee Integration through Intercultural Music-Making in Northern Germany Music Katelin Webster Graduate 2022-23
The Airborne Mafia: Organizational Culture and Institutional Change in the U.S. Army, 1940-1965 History Rob Williams Graduate 2022-23
The Role of Women Muslim Clerics in the Fight Against al-Shabaab in Kenya Political Science Hamda Hirsi Graduate 2022-23
Combating Colonialism: Sitka and Lingít Aaní under Tsarist and American Rule History Michael Kraemer Graduate 2021-2022
The Resurgence of the Political Right in Latin America Political Science Matthew Spearly Graduate 2021-2022
Culpable or Satisfied: On the Origins of Time Horizons and Foreign Policy Persistence Political Science Maryum Alam Graduate
Tribal Politics, Corruption, and Water in Jordan Political Science Mohamed Shedeed Graduate