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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
An Era of Moderation: The United States, 1933-68 History David Stebenne 2011-2012, 2009-2010
Comparative National Elections Project Communication, Political Science, Sociology Richard Gunther, Paul Beck 2009-2010
Counting Indians: Population and the Body Politic, 1800-1970 Women's Studies, History Mytheli Sreenivas 2009-2010
Indonesian National Elections Project Political Science R. William Liddle, Saiful Mujani 2009-2010
Managing Urbanization and Development in China During Crisis Political Science Jeremy Wallace 2009-2010
Political Dimensions of Economic and Civil Insecurity in Brazil Political Science Sarah Brooks 2009-2010
Rally-Round-the-Flag and Fifth-Column Effects in Trade Sanctions Political Science Daniel Verdier 2009-2010
Rentierism and Conflict in the Middle East Economics, Sociology J. Craig Jenkins, Katherine Meyer, Hassan Aly 2009-2010
The Integration of Immigrants in Schools Economics Bruce Weinberg 2009-2010
The Psychology of Hate Psychology William Cunningham, Simon Dennis, Jay J. Van Bavel 2009-2010
Voting for Peace: Do Post-Conflict Elections Help or Hinder Recovery? Political Science Irfan Nooruddin 2009-2010