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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
Comparative National Elections Project Political Science Richard Gunther 2006-2007
Dissent/Repression Nexus in the Middle East Sociology J. Craig Jenkins, Katherine Meyer 2006-2007
Issues in Multi-Dimensional Legislative Bargaining: Collective vs. Particularistic Goods Economics John Kagel 2006-2007
Living Jerusalem: Cultures and Communities in Contention Melton Center for Jewish Studies Amy Horowitz, Tamar Rudavsky 2006-2007
Ostpolitik and Israel, 1966-74 History Carole Fink 2006-2007
Public Sector Capacity and Political Stability in Latin America Political Science Marcus Kurtz 2006-2007
Race Frontiers: Indian Slavery in Colonial New England History Margaret Newell 2006-2007
Reconstructing the Cold War Political Science Theodore Hopf 2006-2007
Rentier States and International Terrorism in Ecological Focus Sociology Edward Crenshaw, J. Craig Jenkins 2006-2007
Segregation and Leadership in Groups Economics Bruce Weinberg 2006-2007
Symbolic Opposition to the USA Patriot Act: An Analysis of Local Government Protests Sociology Kazimierz Slomczynski 2006-2007
The Marxist Rhetoric: On the Relationship of Practice and Theory Political Science, Sociology Richard Hamilton 2006-2007
Tracking the Rise of China and India Geography Edward Malecki 2006-2007
Turkey: Islam, Nationalism and Modernity History Carter Findley 2006-2007
Violent Conflict, Environmental Degradation, and Food Security AEDE Fred Hitzhusen 2006-2007
World Handbook of Political Indicators IV Sociology J. Craig Jenkins 2006-2007