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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
Change in Personnel and Policy and the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court Political Science Gregory Caldeira 2007-2008
Colonization in Reverse: Diaspora, Diplomacy, and the 'People's Art' Theatre Lesley Ferris 2007-2008
Comparative National Elections Project Political Science Richard Gunther 2007-2008
Cultivating the Masses: Soviet State Intervention in its International Context, 1914-39 History David Hoffmann 2007-2008
Dissent/Repression Nexus in the Middle East Sociology J. Craig Jenkins, Katherine Meyer, et al 2007-2008
If it Bleeds, It Leads: Assessing Media Effects on Transnational Terrorism Sociology Edward Crenshaw, J. Craig Jenkins 2007-2008
Immigrants, Assimilation, and Cultural Threat: A Political Exploration Political Science Anthony Mughan 2007-2008
Issues in Multi-Dimensional Legislative Bargaining: Collective vs. Particularistic Goods Economics John Kagel 2007-2008
Mershon Network of International Historians History Carole Fink, Ursula Gurney 2007-2008
Passport: Newsletter of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations History Peter Hahn, Mitchell Lerner 2007-2008
Political Asylum Policy and International Security Anthropology, English Amy Shuman 2007-2008
Political Regimes, Financial Market Institutions and Stability in Asia Political Science Mary Cooper 2007-2008
Radicals on the Road: Third World Internationalism and American Orientalism during the Viet Nam Era Women's Studies, History Judy Tzu-Chun Wu 2007-2008
Sudanese Perspectives on the Darfur Conflict History Ahmad Sikainga 2007-2008
The Ecology of Terrorist Organizations Sociology Edward Crenshaw, J. Craig Jenkins 2007-2008
The Effect of Group Leaders Economics Bruce Weinberg 2007-2008