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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
Comparative National Elections Project Communication, Political Science, Sociology Richard Gunther, Paul Beck, William "Chip" Eveland 2010-2011
God’s Nation: Religious Nationalism in Contemporary American Politics Political Science Irfan Nooruddin 2010-2011
Identity, Threat and Mediated Intergroup Conflict Communication Erik Nisbet 2010-2011
Illicit Arms Trade: Analyzing the Unobservable Political Science Kate Ivanova 2010-2011
Insurgency, Violence and Anticolonial Resistance: The 1857 Revolt and Indian Imaginations English Pranav Jani 2010-2011
Judicial Independence in Latin America Political Science Rachel Bowen 2010-2011
Lake Baikal and the World Water Crisis History Nicholas Breyfogle 2010-2011
Managing Urbanization and Development in China During Crisis Political Science Jeremy Wallace 2010-2011
Mexico’s Cultural Revolution: The Politics of Art in Post-Revolutionary Mexico History Stephanie Smith 2010-2011
The Cinematic Self: Brazilian Slavery Films and National Identity Spanish and Portuguese Richard Gordon 2010-2011
The Evolution of Global Climate Change Institutions Political Science Alexander Thompson 2010-2011
The Integration of Immigrants in Schools Economics Bruce Weinberg 2010-2011
The Splendid Dead: An American Ordeal History Kevin Boyle 2010-2011
Understanding Informal Political Discussion of U.S. National Security Communication William "Chip" Eveland 2010-2011
What Can Cultural Diplomacy Do? American Musicians as Cold War Ambassadors Music Danielle Fosler-Lussier 2010-2011
World Handbook of Political Indicators IV International Security Studies J. Craig Jenkins 2010-2011