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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
A Comparative Study of Herder-Farmer Conflicts in West Africa Anthropology Mark Moritz 2008-2009
American Musicians in Cold War Cultural Diplomacy Music Danielle Fosler-Lussier 2008-2009
Civic Order and Dispute Resolution in 14th and 15th Century London History Barbara Hanawalt 2008-2009
Comparative National Elections Project Political Science Richard Gunther 2008-2009
Demiurgic Politics: The Republic and the Timaeus Philosophy Allan Silverman 2008-2009
Designing Effective Climate Change Mechanisms for Developing Countries Political Science Alexander Thompson, Andrew Keeler 2008-2009
Firms and the Welfare State: A Test of Employer Support for Economic Security Political Science Sara Watson 2008-2009
Inter-relations between Political and Demographic Change in the 20th Century Sociology John Casterline 2008-2009
Politics and Primacy: How Dictatorship and Development Set the Stage for Democratization Sociology Edward Crenshaw 2008-2009
Presidential-Congressional Conflict in Domestic and Foreign Policy Making Political Science Anthony Mughan 2008-2009
Sanctuary and the Devolution of Immigration Enforcement after 9/11 Geography Matthew Coleman 2008-2009
The Concept of Time in the Koran NELC Georges Tamer 2008-2009
The Development of Islamist Insurgency: Egypt, 1986-1999 Sociology J. Craig Jenkins 2008-2009
The Marxist Rhetoric: On the Relationship of Practice and Theory Political Science, Sociology Richard Hamilton 2008-2009
The Performance of International Organizations Political Science Alexander Thompson 2008-2009
Unveiling Modernity: Post-Colonial Islamic Reforms in Ghana and Burkina Faso, 1950-2000 History Ousman Kobo 2008-2009