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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
Chasing Ghosts: The Policing of Terrorism Mershon Center John Mueller, Mark Stewart 2014-2015
Climate Change Challenges and Community Adaption in Coastal Bangladesh Earth Sciences, Sociology J. Craig Jenkins, C.K. Shum 2014-2015
Consolidating and Institutionalizing the Comparative National Election Project Political Science Richard Gunther, Paul Beck 2014-2015
Democratic Mobilization in an Islamic Democracy: Social Media and the 2015 Turkish Election Communication Erik Nisbet, Robert Bond 2014-2015
Gender-Based Violence and Public Security in Latin America Political Science Rachel Bowen 2014-2015
Genocide, Justice, and Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts Sociology Hollie Nzitatira, Christopher Uggen 2014-2015
Property Rights, Political Conflict, and Economic Development Political Science Marcus Kurtz 2014-2015
Quantum Mind and Social Science: Unifying Physical and Social Ontology International Security Studies Alexander Wendt 2014-2015
The Diplomacy of the First World War History Jennifer Siegel 2014-2015
The Ohio State University National Security Simulation Law Dakota Rudesill 2014-2015
The Politics of Climate Finance: Bridging the North-South Divide Political Science Alexander Thompson 2014-2015
Training to Talk Peace: Experimental Analysis of Non-Violent Communication Workshops Peace Studies Christopher Gelpi, John Carlarne (in memoriam) 2014-2015
When and How State Responses to Contention Generate New Waves of Protest: Using Harmonized Survey Data for 130 Countries Sociology Kazimierz Slomczynski 2014-2015