Experts List


Paul A. Beck
Political Science (Emeritus)
(614) 292-8521
Public opinion, voting behavior, elections

Bear Braumoeller
Political Science
(614) 292-9499
U.S. foreign policy

Nicholas Breyfogle
(614) 292-3560
Russia, environmental history

John Casterline
Robert T. Lazarus Professor in Population Studies
(614) 247-2519  
Population studies, fertility, demography of Arab region

William "Chip" Eveland
School of Communication
(614) 292-2055
Communication and technology, learning and the internet

Danielle Fosler-Lussier
School of Music
(614) 247-6502
Music as a site of international contact

Christopher Gelpi
Director, Chair of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
(614) 292-1631
Public opinion on war, U.S. foreign policy

Richard Gunther
Political Science (Emeritus)
(614) 292-6266
Comparative elections, democratic process, redistricting

Peter Hahn
(614) 292-1951, (614) 292-7200
U.S. foreign policy, Middle East, Arab-Israeli relations

Mohamed Helal
(614) 292-0061
International law

Richard Herrmann
Social and Behavioral Sciences Distinguished Professor Emeritus
(614) 292-9843
Middle East, Russia, Arab-Israeli relations

J. Craig Jenkins
Professor of Sociology, Political Science and Environmental Studies (Emeritus)
(614) 292-3179, (614) 292-1411
Political crises, civil wars, internal conflict, refugees, climate change

Mitchell Lerner
(740) 399-9433
U.S.-Korea relations, U.S. politics and diplomacy in the Cold War

William Liddle
Political Science (Emeritus)
(614) 292-1356, (614) 292-7957
Southeast Asia, Indonesia, developing world politics

Peter Mansoor
Gen. Raymond E. Mason Jr. Chair of Military History
(614) 688-3304
Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, military strategy, counterinsurgency

Kendra McSweeney
(614) 247-6400
Indigenous populations, response to rapid environmental change

John Mueller
Senior Research Scientist
(614) 247-6007
National security policy, homegrown terrorism, nuclear proliferation, war and public opinion

Anthony Mughan
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
(614) 292-9657
Immigration, European political systems

Erik Nisbet
School of Communication
(614) 247-1693
Attitudes toward Muslims, beliefs about climate change, media misinformation

Dorothy Noyes
English, Comparative Studies
(614) 292-8683, (614) 292-0387
Folklore, festivals and rituals, Catalonia (Barcelona and northeastern Spain), collective identities

Hollie Nyseth Brehm
(614) 292-6687
Genocide, Rwanda

Geoffrey Parker
Andreas Dorpalen Professor of History
(614) 292-6721
European military history

Amanda Robinson
Political Science
(614) 292-5210
African politics

Dakota Rudesill
(614) 688-2059
National security law, cybersecurity

Peter Shane
Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law
(614) 688-3014
Online democracy, constitutional law, separation of powers

Oded Shenkar
Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management 
(614) 292-0083
International trade, especially with China

Amy Shuman
English, Anthropology
(614) 292-9719, (614) 292-6555
Folklore, refugees, asylum

Jennifer Siegel
(614) 292-0314
U.S. diplomatic history, great powers, World War I

Alexander Thompson
Political Science
(614) 292-9491
International organizations, international political economy, international climate politics

Alexander Wendt
Ralph D. Mershon Professor of International Security
(614) 292-9219
International relations theory, philosophy of social science