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Research Projects


Title Departments Investigators Year
Alternative Cosmopolitanisms: Lessons from Cold War Black-Anti-Colonial Transnationalism Political Science Inés Valdez 2016-2017
Comparative National Elections Project Communication, Political Science Paul Beck, Richard Gunther, R. William Liddle, William "Chip" Eveland, Erik Nisbet 2016-2017
Demiurgic Politics: Practical Reason in Political Decision Making Philosophy Allan Silverman 2016-2017
Diplomacy of the First World War History Jennifer Siegel 2016-2017
Disaster Refugees and Flood Early Warning in Bangladesh AEDE, Earth Sciences, Sociology J. Craig Jenkins, C.K. Shum, Joyce Chen 2016-2017
Forbidden Zones: The Great War History, Theatre Lesley Ferris, Bruno Cabanes 2016-2017
Markets, Conflict, and Law: A Study of Multinational Supermarkets in Indian Food Supply Chains Law Amy Cohen 2016-2017
Moving Towards a Middle Ground: The Psychological Effect of Motion on Conflict Resolution Psychology Lisa Libby, Micah Goldfarb 2016-2017
Political Communication Patterns in the 2016 Russian Parliamentary Campaign Communication Erik Nisbet, Olga Kamenchuk 2016-2017
Politicizing Ethnicity: Mechanisms of Ethnic Violence in Malawi Political Science Amanda Robinson 2016-2017
Research on Human Rights English Amy Shuman, Wendy Hesford 2016-2017
Rethinking the Prediction of Rare Events Sociology Eric Schoon, David Melamed 2016-2017
Shocks to Team Structure: Mobilizations, Group Dynamics, Identity, and Adaptation Political Science Skyler Cranmer 2016-2017
State Responses to Contention and New Waves of Protest Sociology Kazimierz Slomczynski, J. Craig Jenkins 2016-2017
The Ohio State University National Security Simulation Law Dakota Rudesill 2016-2017
War, Media, and the Public Political Science Christopher Gelpi 2016-2017
World War I Centennial Conference History Peter Mansoor 2016-2017